After a multifaceted and successful event, we are happy and proud to look back on our first Summerschool (24th – 27th of June 2017) in Stift Göttweig:

During the four day-seminar established lecturers presented interesting topics along with best practice examples. To support networking and establishing relationships we also provided an extensive evening programme.

After the welcome talk of Abt Columban and our Vice-President, Senator MR Dr. Hannes Schoberwalter,  Dr. Gerhard Steinberger, MBA started the seminar with his contribution „Collective Leadership“.

The focus of his talk was on the right set up of successful teams, including vivid comparisons between football and business. He answered the question, whether managers could learn from successful football coaches and which parameters should be relevant for the selection of highly motivated and competent employees.

On the second day, Mag.a Monika Herbstrith-Lappe presented her toolbox for „Wise self-monitoring for leadership“. With best practice examples she showed possibilities of how to deal with the daily challenges of leadership. The essence of this topic was illustrated with a lot of humor and cheerfulness – a refreshing way of passing on the knowledge to the participants.

On the third day, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Mathera gave an overview of the special topic „Business ethics vs. business processes“. More and more, optimized economic processes are the deciding factor in the competitiveness and profitability of companies. Companies are faced with challenges such as quickly changing markets, shorter cycles of innovation and a competitive environment. This requires the permanent flexibility of the companies and quick adaptions of their internal processes to the changing markets.

After a theoretical introduction, the participants had the opportunity to apply the theory on a practical example.

On the last day of the seminar, Mag. Alfred Lutschinger focused the attention on the value-oriented handling of employees in his presentation about the concept „PLEXUS BILANZ”. Employees represent a substantial part of a company’s total capital. They are the intellectual asset the company invests in. They are a potential for a successful and profitable business. The investment in employees enables returns in the area of human capital and productive impacts in areas such as employee-motivation, -competence, -reliability, -resilience and -commitment, with a higher sense of responsibility. The lecturer and the participants especially discussed, how an optimal balance between job-related goals and the health of employees could be reached.

The evening programme started on the first day with a very impressive talk from Abt Columban, who presented his extensive experiences on the topic of “Value-Orientated Living and Leading in the Tradition of St. Benedikt!” in the course of a fireside chat.

Besides a pleasant wine-tasting on the second day, a guided tour through Stift Göttweig was another highlight and a memorable ending of the last evening of the Summerschool 2017. There, Abt Columban granted the participants exclusive insights into the premises of Stift Göttweig.

After this successful seminar, we are encouraged once more to accompany exceptional and especially talented personalities on their way to value-orientated excellence in leadership and management.

Thus, we are pleased to invite everyone, who shares our vision and our goals to support us vigorously in this matter – as members, partners, advisors and sponsors of EULEAD.