EULEAD promotes the linking of ethical and value-orientated thinking and actions on the part of leaders, with a special emphasis on economic and ecological factors and in areas ranging from healthcare to business, through outstanding scientific content and application-based management tools. Our range of attractive education and training events consist of summer schools, workshops, seminars and training events on the subject of leadership and management.
  • Outstanding education and training for ethically sound behaviours
  • Improved communication, information and transparency in the interactions with those entrusted to our care
  • Regional training initiatives for professionals in the healthcare sector and in other industries
  • Cross-border education and training initiatives on future-related topics
  • Summer schools
EULEAD focuses primarily on ethical leadership in medicine & healthcare and in areas that are relevant for cooperation initiatives within the realms of business, industry, politics, sports, science, research and education, and that contain topics with a wider societal relevance. EULEAD also gives room to spirituality as an additional dimension, opening up resources for holistic approaches that aim at seeing human beings as a unity of body, soul and spirit and applying leadership and management styles designed to protect human dignity.

“Most people are willing to learn, although they do not always like being taught.”

Sir Winston Churchill