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EULEAD provides answers to questions relating to our (deficient) present and (optimised) future, based on education and training services that focus on sustainable values, primarily for the healthcare sector. To become a member, we need you to provide the following data. Please note that your data will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances.

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Your contribution: Membership of EULEAD – European Club for Excellence in Leadership and Management is open to natural persons and legal entities. Membership is granted following registration in writing and payment of the membership fee in full. As a member, you are obliged to pay an annual membership fee of € 750 for natural persons and € 2,500 for legal entities. Membership shall cease following written notification of termination to the board or upon death. Membership fees shall not be reimbursed in either case. The executive committee shall have the right to exclude members following a serious violation of EULEAD statutes or interests. For the Gold Sponsor category, an annual membership fee of € 5,000 applies. For Platinum Sponsors, the annual membership fee is € 10,000. As a Black Sponsor, you agree to provide a certain sum as a one-off or recurring payment to the association as a sponsor. Amount and frequency of the sponsor’s payment shall be agreed upon separately and in writing with the executive committee. Membership shall be applied for in any case; however, in such instances the membership fee requirement shall be waived.