From 17.-20. In July 2018, the second EULEAD Summer School took place at Göttweig Abbey. The thematic focus of the four-day leadership workshop was on the question of successful leadership against the background of digitization and the related value discussion. The title of the event was “Values as Building Blocks for a Successful Tomorrow”.
High-caliber lecturers from business and science presented current developments and challenges to a wide range of topics. A varied supporting program rounded off the event.

Tuesday, Juli 17

The first day of the summer school was opended by EULEAD Vice President Senator MR DDr. Hannes Schoberwalter, Secretary General Senator h.c. Dir. Thomas Bernhard V. Schrempf, as well as the host of the Göttweig Abbey, Abbot Columban Luser.

KommR Margarete Kriz-ZwittkovitsIn a first exciting lecture on “Tradition and Innovation – Tension or Future Engine?”, KommR Margarete Kriz-Zwittkovits provided insights into the current challenges of the Austrian economy. On the one hand, she sketched out the great tasks facing Austrian SMEs, and on the other hand, the values that are required in the accomplishment of these tasks. Special attention in Kriz-Zwittkovits’s statements lay on personal responsibility, commitment and sustainability.

After a joint lunch in the monastery restaurant, Prof. MMag. Dr. Judith Girschik essential aspects on the topic “Negotiating technology for executives”. She was assisted by Dir. Irmgard Kuhner-Beichtbuchner, who supplemented the presentation with numerous practical examples from her own extensive negotiation experience. The focus of the following discussion was on current behavioral science findings, which can be used profitably in the course of negotiations. Another focus would be on the question of how well the knowledge of gender diversity aspects is suitable for influencing the course of negotiations favorably.

A lively discussion with Abbot Columban Luser provided in the context of a chimney night constituted a cozy end to the first day of the seminar. Above all, aspects of leadership and motivation of employees from the Benedictine point of view were discussed. Among other things, this directs one’s gaze to the finality of human existence and the warning of too much greed for material goods. These make people – according to Benedictus – unfree. In order to be successful in management and leadership, says Abt Luser, it needs particular foresight and the knowledge of the goal, true to the motto “If you do not know the port, no wind is favorable for you.” (Seneca)

Wednesday, Juli 18

The second day of the Eulead Summer School was led by Senator Günter Bergauer, MBA.
Initially, Dr. med. Andreas Klein gave a lecture named “From Understanding to Understandable Knowledge” reflecting current cultural and value shifts and the difference these changes make in the world of work from a Protestant-theological perspective.

Prof Mathias Beck Eulead Summer School 2018In the afternoon Univ.-Prof. Mag. DDr. Matthias Beck discussed the role of man against the background of the current paradigm shift in science and humanities. Furthermore, the role of ethics, religion and philosophy and how these aspects shape our image of man and our idea of a successful life were discussed. The latest findings in the fields of genetics and psychoneuroimmunology supplemented the presentation. For Prof. Beck too, the finality of our actions plays an essential role in making decisions, following the motto “Quidquid agis, prudent agas et respice finem”

A relaxed wine tasting with wines from the region rounded off the day perfectly.

Thursday, July 19

Wolfgang Mathera, Eulead Summer School 2018The third day of the seminar was all about Industry 4.0 and took place in the Seestadt Aspern.
The morning program was opened by board member Prof.Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Mathera together with Dr. med. Christoph Pollak, CEO of the Austrian Center for Digital Production. Both introduced the topic Perspectives of the Future with contributions regarding the megatrends of the economy and Industry 4.0 business processes. Additional lectures followed by Dr. med. Josef Mayer (“Methods and Tools”) and Mag. Jürgen Pretsch (“Knowledge Management of the Future”).

In the afternoon, the highlight of the day followed: A guided tour through the Factory of the Future of the Vienna University of Technology impressively demonstrated to the participants how the production of a 3D printer works. The participants were particularly impressed by the possibility of trying out special eyewear facilitating future work procedures. These glasses may be used to call up visual instructions using AR technology or to review inventories in parallel with performing manual work.

Friday, July 20

Pater Johannes Paul AbrahamowiczThe last day of our Leadership Seminar began with a contribution from Father John Paul Abrahamowicz, OSB. Impressively, he described his thoughts on questions of values, trust, and competition from the point of view of the Catholic Church. Other interesting topics of discussion included the authenticity of executives, the natural principle of complementarity, and the question of reconciling work and family life from a church perspective.

A guided tour of Göttweig Abbey provided the participants with insights into imposing rooms, staircases and the archive of the Abbey. Century-old prints and books impressed as well as the report on the complex process of restorations of many ancient Punblikationen.


The conclusion of the EULEAD Summer School was finally a lecture by Dr. Josef Fritz. The focus of his presentation was on the importance of the personality of members of boards as well as supervisory boards against the background of the large responsibility the heads of large companies bear and what a highly professional task they are asked to carry out.
Another focus of Dr. Fritz´s presentation was on the role of corporate governance in the context of the challenge of “digitization”.


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