“Dignity of man” as the highest priority

The EULEAD Summer School 2021 on “Digital Leadership” at Stift Göttweig impressively underlines the great importance of an efficient management style with ethical-value-oriented thinking and acting. Especially now, in our fast-moving times, which are increasingly marked by a loss of solidarity and values, people need a way of working together that is more helpful and relevant to our lives and the world of work than ever before.

New technological possibilities, changes in society, changes in the workplace, all these characteristics of our time create challenges and insecurity. At the same time, our need for stability, orientation, stability and security is growing. The question of principles on which to build is becoming ever louder. The longing for values that guide us through life is growing ever greater.

So I wish the EULEAD Summer School, which examines leadership and management in areas of tension and deals with them, finding the right balance, a good course and all participants important impulses, deepening insights and valuable encounters. In this sense, it is also a pleasure and an honour for me to assume the honorary protection for this event. A “God’s reward” from the heart to all who take part and to those who have worked together to make this event possible.