“Power and Management in Austrian Politics from a Female Perspective” was the topic of our second EULEAD Salon on November 12th. The developments of the past decades show a clear trend towards more equal rights for women in education, politics and management. Nevertheless, it seems that this development has now reached a plateau.

Margarete Kriz-Zwittkovits and Judith Girschik discussed current political developments with Maria Rauch-Kallat (former Federal Minister), and management and power from the perspective of a politician who has set milestones in Austrian women’s policy. The evening with this established personality filled Club 4 on Stephansplatz as well as at the first edition of the EULEAD Salon. Personal stories from her political career were as much in focus as assessments of the current situation surrounding the turquoise-green coalition negotiations. The role of women in negotiations and comparisons of the different approaches were also discussed. The problem of under-representation of female executives also exists in the business world. International findings from personality research show that, across cultures, women have different personality traits or personality profiles than men in certain areas – and bring in different strengths or express the strengths differently. In order to make further progress towards equality, this must be taken into account. Without the introduction of a women’s quota, however, the road to a balanced ratio of male and female managers is still a long one. Therefore, the question of a mandatory quota for women remains relevant.

Following the exciting presentations by Maria Rauch-Kallat, there was an opportunity for personal exchange and networking with sandwiches and a selection of grape juices and wines. Due to the great success of this evening we are trying to fix the next EULEAD Salon soon. We will announce it as usual on our website.

The format – EULEAD Salon

This lecture was part of the “EULEAD Salon” event-series of the European Club of Excellence in Leadership and Management. This format focuses on the exchange with established managers and outstanding personalities from Austrian and international business and politics. The thematic focus is on the development of competencies in the areas of management and leadership. We offer our guests exciting discussions and exchanges on current issues in the fields of management and business.